The masternetwork is a project that allows computer to execute python scripts for developpers.

How the masternetwork works ?

Developpers can drop their script on the platform and define a price per execution and the number of repetition. On the other hand, people that wants to earn money from their computing power can connect their computer to the network. They define a price from which they will execute the developper script. They will be paid this exact price (difference goes to the network developpment).

Is the masternetwork live ?

Actually, yes.

But there is no payment for now, only one computer is running, for testing purpose.

Can you explain explain to me like i'm five ?

Green arrows are the scripts that are executed because the reward is enough, red cross are not executed.

The computer with the price of 7 per execution is the one that is paying the lowest, so he gets more contracts. The computer that is asking for 10 has only one script to execute. The computer asking 35 is too high, so he execute nothing.